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I responded to Dr. Coonrad's ad in the newspaper. In just a couple weeks, he helped relieve my terrible sciatica pain that I had been suffering with for months.

J.S.  |  84 |  Paramus, NJ

We travel over an hour to see Dr Coonrad. My 16-year-old daughter was injured playing soccer and out of commission for more than 6 months. We saw many of the top orthopedists in the metropolitan area and no one helped her with her back injury. Within a couple of months Dr Coonrad had her back on the field.

C.R.  |  Mendham, NJ

My 10-year-old daughter suffered with headaches for 2½ years. Her pain was reduced in a few visits and completely gone in 2-3 months of care.

T.A.  |  Wyckoff, NJ

I suffered with trigeminal neuralgia for 3 years before seeing Dr. Coonrad. In less than 2 months my pain was almost gone.

V.H.  | 74 |  Paramus, NJ

My son would not be able to play ice hockey if it wasn't for Dr. Coonrad. Through the years, Dr. Coonrad has been able to keep him on the ice by helping us with injuries to back, neck, and extremities.

S.F.  |  Ridgewood, NJ

Dr. Coonrad has been keeping our family well for years. We receive regular wellness care a couple of times a month so that we avoid illness.

M.W.  |  Montclair, NJ

As a former professional soccer player and very active coach I would recommend Dr. Coonrad's care for anyone who is injured.

K.T.  |  Paramus, NJ

Treatment allowed me to quickly resume my normal daily activities. Dr. Dave is extremely knowledgable, patient, and caring. I would recommend his office to anybody needing treatment.

K.T.  |  Teaneck, NJ

I had chronic heel pain, neck tension, and poor posture. I never sought help. Almost immediately, I felt terrific--full range of motion in my neck and foot. The old and new injuries are almost completely better.

S.I  |  NJ

My daughter's headaches have been intermittent for two-and-a-half years. After seeing Dr. Dave, she is no longer debilitated the way she used to be.

M.A.  |  NJ

The terrible hip pain I got every time I hit a long ball was gone in two visits! Thank you, Dr. Dave.

M.T.  |  Ramsey, NJ

My shoulder feels great after just a few visits and my back doesn't hurt anymore either. I didn't realize how much the pain I was having interfered with my tennis game.

M.R.  |  Allendale, NJ

Thanks for fixing my shoulder on the sidelines of the game. I couldn't have played the rest of the game without treatment.

M.C.  |  Ramsey, NJ

I was able to play in the State Championship because you fixed my ankle.

K.V.  |  Union, NJ

After I had ACL repair and extensive physical therapy my knee still didn't feel right. Your care got me back in goal feeling strong and confident again.

K.W.  |  Wayne, NJ

I had severe low back pain that was preventing me from playing soccer. My Rutgers scholarship was at risk. Your care got me back to playing pain free. My dream of playing in college was fulfilled!

L.R.  |  Kendall Park, NJ

I had really bad leg pain while playing, and after a few visits, I was able to play pain-free. It was worth traveling an hour to see you!

M.A.  |  Watchung, NJ

My husband and I have been dealing with back problems for 20 years. After 3 months with Dr. Dave, we sleep better and are able to handles stress and overall calmness.

C.A  |  NJ

After the first treatment, I felt immediate reduction of pain dure to relux-and continued to feel better with each session. After the second week, I was standing straighter, the pain was diminishing, and now my walk is strong, steady, and deliberate.

G.D.  |  NJ

I've been in pain since 1999. The pain was so bad that I could not chew food or talk without excruciating shots of pain. After about a month, the pain was almost gone.

V.H.  |  NJ